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Foreword: You must login before you can write. The articles and discussions can be viewed with good iPad (smartphone) and any desktop computer


This is a social network where people compete to read web pages. There are financial rewards for reading. A writer must login before he/she can write. If you can write, you are invited to write here. Writers who write here are happy, beacuse their work is always read, since readers compete to read.

All writers are paid for the number of readings they get, from members and non-members. Note, it is not recommended that more than three writers write on the same title. Each category has a corresponding discussion group. Every member (reader or writer) of a category is a member of the discussion group for that category. The writer who answers questions most in the discussion group of his/her category, is given bonus at the end of the year. The amount depends on the income in his/her category. It should be high if you, the writer answer all the questions you can answer. Registration is free.


We are now in the Internet age. Before this age, when they talked about writers, what came to mind was, literature writers. Today, with the Internet, writers of all fields, exist. Writers of all categories (fields) are welcome to this site. Registration is free.


Hey, in this network, you can write a series. A series consists of parts (short chapters). A part can be between 500 to 3000 words. Registration is free.

Freelance Novelists

Do freelance novelist exist? - Here, they do. Are you a literature writer? Yes? Have a blog here. Today, people do not only access the Internet for information; they also access it for entertainment.

You can entertain people with short stories. You can also write long stories in parts (small chapters). Registration is free.

Uniform Resource Locator - URL

The URL and the hyperlink (link) are not really the same thing. When you open a web page, whether or not you are login, the line of text you see at the address bar of your browser, is the URL.

Broadcasting your Article

Immediately your article is published (as soon as you submit it), readers and writers in your category receive the news in their email boxes. The news include the URL (link). Your followers also receive the news. That is not enough. You also have to broadcast it in the social networks like facebook, in which you belong.

You should belong to at least one other social network (like facebook), and not a rival network to this one. As soon as you publish your article, inform your friends in your other groups (social networks), as follows:

Title Title Tile of Article
Reason why members and non-members, and as many people as possible, should read your article, is typed here, here here --- text text text - - -
You can read the complete article at the following URL. Do not forget that you may be paid for reading the article:

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